"A Night of Navigator Nadeshiko and Hot Spring Steam" is the ninth episode of season one of Yuru CampΔ.

Plot synopsis

Rin and Nadeshiko agree to go camping in Nanbu, but Nadeshiko comes down with a cold and has to cancel. Rin changes plans and decides to go to the city of Ina, which is across the Southern Alps from Minami where she lives. Google Maps shows her that the shortest route is a mountain path with the trailhead at Yashajin Pass. She rides there on her scooter, but isn't allowed to take it onto the trail. She rides north and crosses the mountains at Tsuetsuki Pass, stopping at a cafe there.

Nadeshiko looks up tourist information for Rin. Chiaki drops by to see Nadeshiko, and cooks houtou for her entire family. 

Arriving at Ina, Rin visits Kōzen-ji Temple, which she thinks of as the doggy temple, and buys a charm in the form of a cute dog. Next, she goes to the hot springs where she falls asleep after having dinner, waking up after dark.

Room Camp episode

Rin falls asleep in the school library. Ena comes by and fashions Rin's hair into a pagoda.




Notes & Trivia

  • Rin goes to Yashajin Pass (夜叉神峠), but her scooter isn't allowed on the mountain trail.
  • Rin goes to Tsuetsuki Pass (杖突峠) and eats at the cafe.
  • Rin goes to Kōzen-ji Temple (光前寺), which hosts the grave of dog-spirit Hayatarō.
  • Rin goes to Hayatarō Onsen Komakusa-no-yu Hot Spring (早太郎温泉 こまくさの湯)
  • There is no opening credits for this episode, but the opening song plays while Rin is riding on her scooter.


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