"A Night on the Lake Shore and Campers" is the seventh episode of season one of the Yuru CampΔ anime series.

Synopsis from the official anime site

The legend of Lake Shibire... the ghost of a Ushiki that appears at the Hour of the Ox (1 AM+)... (Nadeshiko) "Let's go to bed before it's three o'clock!" Rin prepares a compact bonfire grill, but does not ignite as he or she thinks, and with the help of a veteran camper next door, he successfully started the fire! They ate a barbecue and a cod hot pot, and the night came. At midnight, Rin leaves the tent to go to the bathroom...[1]


The narrator gives an explanation about the ghost that haunts Lake Shibire known as Ushiki. Nadeshiko leaves a small offering of money to a stone monument by the lake and prays that the ghost doesn't appear that night. At the Shima residence, Saki talks on the phone with her father elaborating what Rin has been up to as of late.

Arriving at the camping area, Nadeshiko is still disconcerted about the urban legend, but Rin calms her down by giving her some sound advice. Taking it for granted, Nadeshiko returns to her happy go lucky self, and after the two pitch their tents, they enjoy some hot cocoa. Nadeshiko then asks Rin when she started camping and she answers it was her 1st year in middle school after receiving camping equipment from her grandfather. Wanting to take some pictures, Nadeshiko goes off with her camera to do so, while Rin stays behind to prepare the grill. During her small photographic excursion, Nadeshiko runs into a couple of veteran campers and the fire Rin tried to start, died out. Once Nadeshiko returns to the campsite, she's shocked to see a despondent Rin by the grill. After learning that Rin was having trouble with the grill, they enlist help from one of the veteran campers. Detailing that the coal Rin was using was hard to burn, the veteran camper offers the two a couple of Extruded Coals, which is easier to burn. Their grill now lit, the camper leaves the two and returns to his camp where his partner later revealed to be his sister was heavily inebriated.

That night, Nadeshiko and Rin prepare a haddock hot pot and nearly burn their pork skewers. At the veteran camp, the two have a jambalaya, although the female veteran states that she wanted sushi, which irks the male veteran. Eventually, both Rina and Nadeshiko visit their camp and bring with them some small bowls of the haddock hot pot and pork skewers. In exchange, the male veteran offers them some extra jambalaya they made for the occasion. After Rin and Nadeshiko leave the veteran's campsite, the veterans enjoy the girl's gifts and vice versa at the girl's campsite. Finished with their meal, they use the leftover coal to make a small campfire. As they huddle by it, Nadeshiko details to Rin about where she lived before she moved to her current home. Getting sleepy, Rin calls it a night and heads into her tent to call it a night. She also rejects Nadeshiko from sharing the tent with her, but gives her some face lotion to moisten it after being so close to the campfire. Thankful for it, Nadeshiko applies it to her face while in her tent and goes to sleep.

During the night, Rin goes to uses the restroom and encounters a "ghost" that terrifies her. In reality, it was just the drunken veteran camper suffering from a hangover. Because of this encounter, however, Rin spends the rest of the night in Nadeshiko's tent. The next morning, Nadeshiko goes on a canoe ride in the lake and Rin watches from afar.

Room Camp episode

To attract new members to the Outdoor Activities Club, Inuko-san comes up with some sketches for a mascot, by combining camping equipment and animals.



  • Screenplay: Hitoshi Tanaka
  • Storyboard: Yuta Yamazaki
  • Director: Yuta Yamazaki
  • Supervisor(s): Miwa Oshima, Noriko Tsutsuya, Mamoru Hoshino, Mutsumi Sasaki

Notes & Trivia

  • Rin and Nadeshiko are camping at Suimeiso Campground (四尾連湖 水明荘キャンプ場) on Shibire Lake (志比礼湖 Shi Hirei-ko), also known as Mystery Lake (神秘麗湖, Shinpi Reiko). The lake is said to be the spiritual home of Dragon King Ozaki (尾崎龍王, Ozaki Tatsuō).


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