Aoi Inuyama (犬山 あおい Inuyama Aoi) is a young girl in Yuru CampΔ who is a student at Motosu High School. She briefly appeared in "Mount Fuji and Curry Noodles", before officially appearing in "Welcome to the Outdoor Activities Club!" She is the co-president of The Outdoor Activities Club at her school alongside Chiaki Ōgaki.


Aoi is a pale-skinned girl with chest-length greenish-brown hair (its edges fade to a blonder shade), which is tied in a side ponytail on the left which is held by a purple hair bobble with bangs hanging on the right side of her forehead. Her eyes are olive-green colored. Her eyebrows are not only visible through her hair, but can be seen through a hat if she's wearing one.

When camping or outdoors, she wears a large grey-and-white scarf, a light-blue sweater with a dark-blue shirt, a multicolored skirt, and brown boots.

When in school, she wears the typical female uniform (seifuku, 制服).


Kind and affable, Aoi is a sincerely sweet young girl with a general interest in camping. Although, she does cause some envy from Chiaki over the fact that she has a boyfriend. She likes to spin tall tales, often making up a wild story off the top of her head.


  • Aoi's surname Inuyama means "dog" (犬) (inu) and "mountain, hill" (山) (yama).
    • Inuyama is taken from Inuyama, which is situated at Aichi Prefecture.
      • She speaks Japanese with Kansai dialect, although she's from Inuyama.
  • Aoi's birthday is the same as Nadeshiko Kagamihara's, which is on March 4.
  • Aoi could be the only one of the girls in the club who has a boyfriend, although it isn't denied, nor can it be confirmed in the anime and manga. This theme is often played with by Aoi, causing Chiaki's jealousy to spur.
  • Aoi's voice actress, Aki Toyosaki, also shares a pronounced fang, as seen in Aoi's character design.



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