"Caribou-kun and Lake Yamanaka" is the fifth episode of season two of Yuru CampΔ.

Synopsis from the official anime site

Chiaki, Aoi, and Ena decided to camp at Lake Yamanaka. They bought new camping equipment, soaked in hot springs, ate ice cream after taking a bath, and enjoyed the area around Mt. Fuji before camping.[1]


Ena, Chiaki, and Aoi go on a trip with the eventual goal of camping on the shore of Lake Yamanaka. Most of the trip has been planned by Chiaki with some stops along the way before they get to the campsite. They take a bus to a different Caribou store than they've been before and stop at some hotsprings with a view of Mt. Fuji. When they finally make it to the camp site, the location they planned to place their tent is rejected as too dangerous!

Nadeshiko and Rin can't make it because they are working (Nadeshiko's new job as a waitress and Rin at her usual bookstore job).

Shima Shima Shima Rin episode

One time while camping, Rin could hear the voices of the plants and animals talking to her... even their screams [2]


  • Ena Saitou
  • Chiaki Oogaki
  • Aoi Inuyama
  • Nadeshiko Kagamihara
  • Rin Shima
  • Caribou store clerk
  • Bus ticket clerk バス券売所係員 (seiyu: Isamu Yusen 祐仙勇)
  • Bus rider looking for hot springs 外国人男性 (seiyu: Wataru Komada 駒田航)
  • Soba shop customer 蕎麦屋の客 (seiyu: Kana Uetake 植竹香菜)
  • Smelt fishing man ワカサギ釣りの男性 (seiyu: Tadahisa Fujimura 藤村忠寿)
  • Campground caretaker 管理人 (seiyu: Masamichi Ureshino 嬉野雅道)



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Ena, Aoi, and Chiaki arrive at Misaki campground

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