Chiaki Oogaki (大垣 千明) is a young girl from the show Yuru Camp. She briefly appeared in "Mount Fuji and Curry Noodles", before officially appearing in "Welcome to the Outdoor Activities Club!".


Chiaki has brown eyes, long bluish-purple hair, and pale skin. She wears her hair in twin ponytails on the side of her head with some of her hair falling onto the sides of her face, has very short bangs, and has rectangular wire-frame glasses.

When outdoors and when camping, she wears black leggings, reddish-brown boots, and a large dark-blue coat.

When at school, she wears the typical female uniform (seifuku, 制服).


She started camping with her family and find it really fun through eating curry to sleeping in wild, hence why she created an club called The Outdoor Activities Club to do it again but this time with her friend Aoi Inuyama .

She ordered a tent that costs cheaper in summer then came in September.



  • Her birthday is on August 31.
  • She works at the Minobu Branch of Kawamoto Liquors.
  • She is the co-president of The Outdoor Activities Club at her school alongside Aoi Inuyama.
  • Her family name, Oogaki, is taken from Ōgaki, which is another city mentioned in the story.
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