Chikuwa is Ena Saitou's dog. Chikuwa appears to be a long-coat Chihuahua. Usually this breed of dog does not get much protection from the longer hair in cold weather, so often requires a coat while outdoors during the winter.


Chikuwa has a fuzzy fawn color fur coat.


The dog seems to be energetic and likes to walk, not to mention hates cold.[1]



  • Chikuwa is the name of a Japanese snack food made from fish.[2] The translation note at the back of Volume 8 states that the dog is named this because the katakana for Chikuwa (チクワ) resembles the katakana for chihuahua (チワワ).
  • Chikuwa looks suspiciously like a similarly named Chihuaha on Youtube: チワワのちくわ cute Chihuahua Chikuwa
  • Chikuwa is clearly a Chihuaha in the live-action drama.[3]


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