"Christmas Camp!" is the eleventh episode of season one of Yuru CampΔ.

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The Christmas camp is at the Asagiri Kougen in Shizuoka. Chiaki and Aoi, who arrived two hours earlier than the meeting time, enjoyed ice cream at a nearby farm. Rin also came early to set up a tent. As the members gathered and spent time playing with Chikuwa, Saito's pet dog, and children visiting the plateau, the sun gradually fell and the temperature dropped. Tonight's menu is A5 rank beef sukiyaki! Aoi's special Kansai-style sukiyaki and tomato sukiyaki warmed the body and mind.[1]


At the Asagiri Kougen, Aoi and Chiaki enjoy the vast open field of the place, until Chiaki trips and falls. They then approach Toba-sensei who drove them there and promises to set up their camping equipment so they should register at the front desk. Chiaki does so and then wait outside for Ena and Nadeshiko. This quickly gets boring, so they decide to go to a ranch that serves ice cream nearby and go to ask Toba-sensei for a ride there. However, Toba-sensei is already tipsy on beer and started to prepare some bacon on a skillet.

Meanwhile, Rin arrives at the campground and learns that Aoi and Chiaki have already arrived. The two in question were enjoying ice cream at the ranch close by. Waiting for the others to arrive, Rin watches a group of kids play some soccer close by. On the highway, Nadeshiko is driven by her sister Sakurai to the campsite. Just as Rin finishes setting up her tent, Nadeshiko arrives and while they wait for Aoi and Chiaki to return, they make smores. Enjoying some tea, they then talk about Rin's Grandfather. Back to Aoi and Chiaki, they want to purchase some firewood, but it's too heavy to carry back to the campgrounds. So the two enlist the help of Rin who uses her scooter to carry some of it back, but leaves one stack behind as it's too cumbersome.

Checking up on Toba-sensei, they cover her up in an awkward position to prevent her from catching a cold. Just then, Ena and her dog Chikuwa arrive at the campsite, and following suit is both Aoi and Chiaki. Eventually, the club members set up their tents and then play frisbee with Chiaki and the group of kids Rin saw earlier. Once they stop playing frisbee and guide the kids back to their guardians, the club members return to the campsite and enjoy some tea and cocoa. Toba-sensei then awakens and enjoy some cocoa mixed with rum. Aoi then points out that Mount Fuji looks red now, which makes a wonderful looking sight, and thereafter, they start the prep work for dinner. What's served for it is some Kansai-style suki-yaki, made by Aoi. Everyone enjoys it, however, a Toba-sensei flustered remembers that she forgot a special sake that goes well with suki-yaki. Chiaki then asks why Aoi chose to make suki-yaki for that night. Aoi discloses that it was her grandmother's suggestion as it's a perfect meal to have in large festive gatherings. Ena then gives her presents out which are Santa Claus outfits along with a mini tree and a reindeer outfit for Chikuwa.

Using the leftover ingredients they had left, Aoi then makes tomato sukiyaki. Once again, everyone enjoys it aside from Toba-sensei who wishes she had wine to go with it. Right when Aoi was going to make some cheese pasta as a top off to the dinner, the gas runs out. Without any gas left, Nadeshiko becomes crestfallen by this, therefore, Rin volunteers to purchase more.




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