"Clumsy Travelers and Camp Meetings" is the tenth episode of season one of Yuru CampΔ.

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Thanks to Chiaki and Nadeshiko's assistance, Rin was able to safely complete her solo camping effort. Chiaki discusses inviting Rin to join the Outdoor Activities Club's Christmas camp. The Outdoor Activities Club and Saito are planning a group camp for five people when testing a new a campfire stand in the schoolyard and the new teacher, Toba-sensei, rushed over to tell them to be careful. Later, Toba-sensei was appointed as the club advisor to the Outdoor Activities Club. But one of them seems to have met her somewhere...?[1]


Panic-stricken that she overslept, Rin rushes on her scooter to try and make it to her campsite. Along the way, she makes a pit stop at a convenience store to purchase a pork bun and continues her ride on the road.

Meanwhile, at the Kagamihara residence, Nadeshiko and Chiaki spend their time in Nadeshiko's room. Soon, Aoi sends Nadeshiko a text informing her that she's done with work for the day, and the conversation changes to the upcoming Christmas camping trip. Back to Rin who encounters a roadblock and sends Nadeshiko a text about this experience. Chiaki then contacts Rin and advises her to is continue her trip on foot, to which, she does and makes it to her destination, the Jinbatagata campgrounds. From there, Rin sets up her camp, and once her tent is set-up she takes some pictures of the surrounding area. Thereafter, she returns to her camp and heats up her tea and pork bun. While she enjoys them, Chiaki contacts her using Nadeshiko's phone, and in their conversation, Chiaki offers Rin to join them for their Christmas Camping trip. On the other hand, Rin flatly rejects the offer making Chiaki dejected. Ena then texts Rin and they briefly talk about how Rin made it to her campsite. Their conversation then changes to how Ena was invited and agreed to go on the The Outdoor Activities Club Christmas camping trip. She also tries to coax Rin into attending the camping trip with her, but stops after growing tired and wanting to head to bed.

The following afternoon at the Motosu High School, Toba-sensei is approached by the vice principal to become a club advisor. Though, Toba-sensei hesitant to become a club advisor. In the Outdoor club, Aoi reveals that she won a prize in a lottery for some Class A Beef. They're then joined by Ena and with her, go outside to hold a strategy meeting concerning the Christmas camping trip. During it, they try out a campfire stand that Chiaki purchased while it was on sale. The club members then send a group text to Rin showing it off to her and ask if she knows of any good locations. She gives no reply, but recalls a place that her grandfather goes to. Returning to the club members, Ena inquires what they should give each other during the upcoming camping trip as it's Christmas themed. Due to the club members being short on cash, they can't give anyone a present, but Aoi thinks of a compromise for herself using the meat that she won as her present. This escalates into a scuffle between the senior members of the club leaving Ena amused by the sight. Nadeshiko then has an epiphany where their gift to each other will be in a form of hospitality. In other words, they'll each do a kind act for each other during the camping trip. The idea is unanimously agreed upon.

Elsewhere, Toba-sensei laments on being a club advisor would interfere with her beer-drinking and tv-drama binge-watching. She then sees the Outdoor club members huddling around the fire stand and confronts them about it. However, they inform her that the Hiking club advisor Oomachi allows them to use such things, which is confirmed when they meet with the teacher in the staff office. Oomachi also suggests that Toba-sensei become the group's advisor, to which, she's roped into doing, much to her dismay. Eventually, Rin is informed by the group about their newly appointed club advisor and disclose to their new advisor what their club is all about. Relieved that the club isn't "active", Rin then sends a text suggesting they try the Asagiri Kougen for their Christmas camping trip. Toba-sensei then states that such a place is good to enjoy bacon and beer. Nadeshiko realizes that she meet Toba-sensei during her camping trip with Rin at Lake Shibire.

Room Camp episode

The girls discuss how their last names are all the names of cities in or near Gifu Prefecture.

This is the last episode of Yuru Camp△ to have a Room Camp episode at the end.


Notes & Trivia

  • Rin is camping at Jinbagatayama Campground (陣馬形山キャンプ場) near Mount Jinbatagata (陣馬形山) overlooking the village of Iijima (飯島町).


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