End of the Journey (Tabi no Owari, 旅のおわり) is the eleventh episode of the Heya CampΔ anime.

Plot synopsis

Nadeshiko finishes her stamp book. Chiaki and Aoi admit they created the stamp rally, while they all soak in an onsen. Nadeshiko recollects catching the two setting up the stamp rally several times.




Notes & Trivia

This episode has four stops in the Yamanashi Kids' Stamp Rally.

  • Food at a local shop
  • Swings at a playground
  • Seishu Park (青洲公園) in Ichikawamisato (市川三郷町). The statue is known as the Seishu Park Monument (青洲公園モニュメント).
  • Misato Hot Spring. In real life, this is the Mitama Hot Spring (みはらしの丘 みたまの湯), also in Ichikawamisato. The snow-covered mountains in the distance are the Yatsugatake Mountains.

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