「Fuyu Biyori」 (「ふゆびより」) is the ending theme of Yuru Camp anime series. It plays at the end of each episode for 1:30, and is performed by Eri Sasaki. It contains only Japanese lyrics.


The name of this song is the name of Eri Sasaki's third single, which was released on January 24, 2018, under 5pb.Records. It consists of 6 songs, which are Fuyu Biyori, YURUSU, and Time to Wake Up, while the rest are the off vocal versions of the corresponding songs.

There is also a limited edition Fuyu Biyori album, the Camp Ver., which comes in DVD, specially made for Yuru Camp.



  1. Fuyu Biyori (ふゆびより)
  3. Time To Wake Up
  4. Fuyu Biyori (ふゆびより) (off vocal)
  5. YURUSU (off vocal)
  6. Time To Wake Up (off vocal)

Camp Version DVD

  1. Fuyu Biyori (Music Video)
  2. Sasaki Eri no Solo Camp



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  1. Eri Sasaki's Fuyu Biyori album on Spotify.
  2. Official Music Video on YouTube.
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