This is the second volume for the Yuru CampΔ manga.


"Rin's always loved to go camping solo, while Nadeshiko's learning to appreciate camping more and more. What sights will they take in when they bump into each other, especially with the entire Outdoor Exploration Club in tow?"[1]


  • Chapter 7: Hot Springs, 'Bocchi, and Mountain Cooking 003
  • Chapter 8: Two Different Campsites, One Scenic View 029
  • Chapter 9: Souvenirs and After-school Yakiniku Discourse 053
  • Chapter 10: Meat, Fall Leaves, and the Mysterious Lake 079
  • Chapter 11: Winter Camping and Lake Shibire 103
  • Chapter 12: Nighttime on the Lake with Fellow Campers
  • Chapter 13: Intro to Fashionable Camping Will Be on the test

Characters in Order of Appearance


Additional Content in Volume Two


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