This is the third volume for the Yuru CampΔ manga.


"Having passed her exams, Nadeshiko is looking forward to camping with Rin, but a sudden cold keeps Nadeshiko in bed. Now Rin is on an impromptu solo trip to Nagano. While she's used to going it alone, she still keeps thinking about Nadeshiko... Could there be a way for Nadeshiko to come along for the ride after all? Ah, technology and nature in harmony!"[1]


  • Chapter 14: Minobu, Caribou, and Delicious Manju
  • Chapter 15: Catching a Cold and the Solo Journey
  • Chapter 16: Nadeshiko-Navi Recommends
  • Chapter 17: Hayatarou and the Steamy Komagane Night
  • Chapter 18: Mountaintop

Characters in Order of Appearance


Additional Content in Volume Three

Side Stories

  • Room Camp


  1. Hatchette Book Group Yen Press - Laid-Back Camp, Vol. 3
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