This is the fifth volume for the Yuru CampΔ manga.


"The New Year is right around the corner, and there's a big question on all the girls' minds: Where should each of them go to see the first sunrise of the year? Whether it's by the ocean or in view of Mount Fuji, there's no wrong answer-and it's a great excuse for more camping! A freak snowstorm could derail Rin's plans, but a little bad weather might just create the perfect opportunity for more relaxing, exploring, and (of course) eating!"[1]


  • Chapter 24: December Work and Everyone's Days Off
  • Chapter 25: Solo-camping Girl on The New Year's Eve
  • Chapter 26: The Beginning of the Year
  • Chapter 27: The Ocean, the Lake, and Some Lucky Camping
  • Chapter 28: Thinking It Over Again

Characters in Order of Appearance


Additional Content in Volume Five

Side Stories

  • Room Camp


  1. Hatchette Book Group Yen Press - Laid-Back Camp, Vol. 5
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