This is the sixth volume for the Yuru CampΔ manga.


"In order to get some camping funds, Nadeshiko goes looking for a new part-time job. But it looks like Chiaki, Aoi, and Ena are already camping?!"[1]


  • Chapter 29: What Will You Buy with the Money from Your Job?
  • Chapter 30: The Lamp and the Heat Packs
  • Chapter 31: Caribou-kun and the Camp Chairs
  • Chapter 32: Snow Country Hot Pot and Lake Yamanaka
  • Chapter 33: Winter at Oomana Misaki
  • Chapter 34: Gather Round the Stove

Characters in Order of Appearance


Additional Content in Volume Six

Side Stories

  • Room Camp


  1. Hatchette Book Group Yen Press - Laid-Back Camp, Vol. 6
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