This is the seventh volume for the Yuru CampΔ manga.


"Ever since Rin began talking about the unique joys of solo camping, it's been on Nadeshiko's mind -- and now she's intent on trying it herself! But while Nadeshiko has her heart set on going it alone, both Rin and Nadeshiko's big sister, Sakura, can't help but worry. Can such an easygoing girl handle the outdoors all by herself?"[1]


Additional Content in Volume 7


  • Inuko spins a tall tale about the mystery of the three Chiakis.

Room Camp

  • 52: Outdoor Food Is Tasty
  • 53: Just By Boiling Some Water
  • 54: Convenient Outdoor Goods 2
  • 55: Scam Warning
  • 56: The Waffle Maker Trap
  • 57: Toyama and Mount Fuji
    (This strip became the Inuinu Inuko-san segment of Episode 2.3)
  • 58: What's True Of Most Campgrounds
  • 59: The Convenient Rental Trunk
  • 60: Camp Cleanup


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