This is the eighth volume of the Yuru CampΔ manga.


"It's the moment the girls have all been waiting for: the Izu camping trip! From beautiful volcanic rock formations to unique foods (like wasabi ice cream!), Izu is a scenic peninsula with a lot to offer travelers. But while the rest of the Outdoor Exploration Club are heading there by car, Rin decides to ride all the way down on her longest scooter trip ever. This adventure is guaranteed to leave some lasting memories!"[1]


Additional Content in Volume 8


Inuko-san helps Akari make ice cream.

Room Camp

  • 61 - The rules of cleaning up campsites
  • 62 - △△
    (Inuko-san adjusts the display layer for her eyebrows so they can be seen through walls)
  • 63 - What if Chikuwa was actually Chikuwa
  • 64 - Houtou as you like it
  • 65 - Rin's adventures
  • 66 - Team fire snake
  • 67 - No one asked for that
  • 68 - Camping on the go!
  • 69 - The inner workings of Secret Society B.L.A.N.K.E.T.


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