This is the ninth volume for the Yuru CampΔ manga and will be avai in Aug 25, 2020 (Amazon preorder guarantee)


"The Outdoor Exploration Club's Izu camping trip comes to a fun-filled close!"[1] "The Outdoor Exploration Club continues its excursion in Izu! Between walking up Mount Omuro, seeing capybaras bathing in a hot spring, and cooking up some spiny lobster, the girls have plenty more to enjoy. But there's also something extra-special about this camping trip: Nadeshiko's and Inuko's birthdays! Can the rest of the OEC successfully pull off a surprise party, or is the secret already out...?" - Afro


  • Chapter 47: Tonight's Dinner!!
  • Chapter 48: Early Bird Rin Gets the Hot Spring
  • Chapter 49: The Path of Ocean and the Path of Sky
  • Chapter 50: Birthday!
  • Chapter 51: What Color Is Mount Omuro?
  • Chapter 52: To a Journey's End

Characters in Order of Appearance


Additional Content in Volume Eight


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