"Meat and Fall Colors and the Mystery Lake" is the sixth episode of season one of the Yuru CampΔ anime series. It premiered on February 8th, 2018.

Plot synopsis

From official anime site[1]
Rin got a new item for solo camping, a compact bonfire grill! With this, you can cook bonfires and cook in places where direct fire is prohibited. When asked if she wanted to grill the meat, she thought that Nadeshiko was here at Yakiniku Camp and was excited to go to the camp on the weekend. After having her sister Sakura drive Nadeshiko with the car, they bought the meat and went triumphantly to the Shibireko Lake campsite, but there is a certain legend at this campsite...



Notes & Trivia

  • Rin and Nadeshiko are camping at Suimeiso Campground (四尾連湖 水明荘キャンプ場) on Shibire Lake (志比礼湖 Shi Hirei-ko), also known as Mystery Lake (神秘麗湖 Shinpi Reiko). The lake is said to be the spirit home of Dragon King Ozaki (尾崎龍王 Ozaki Tatsuō).

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