Minami Toba (鳥羽 美波) is a teacher at Motosu High School. She becomes the adviser for the Outdoor Activities Club before the Christmas camping trip.


She has a black-long hair tied at around shoulder. She wears glasses when she not doing work or driving.


When she is at school, she acts like a shy and kind teacher. But after school, she's an alcoholic who loves to drink a lot and watch foreign television dramas. Her nickname "Miss Chug" came because of that.


She used to camp with her family weekly when she was little and her sister took as a hobby; she usually comes with her sometimes.

In the series, she got invited by The Outdoor Activities Club and later on getting recognized as the "Miss Chug",


Nadeshiko Kagamihara - They met on Lake Shibire seeing her as this drunk woman. But later on the series, she recognizes something that's familiar then edited her out by drawing some hoodie, beer, and glasses; she got shocked afterward when that's the lady they met on the camping site back then.

She thanked her for sharing their food back then and same goes to her.


  • Minami (kanji 南, hiragana みなみ) means "south" and Toba (kanji 賭場, hiragana とば) means "Gambling Place"
  • She's a drinker which in why she inherited the nickname "Miss Chug".
  • The car that she owns is based on Suzuki Hustler.
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