Motosu High School

Sign for the Yuru Camp△ tourist site (it's not a high school)

Motosu High School is a location in Yuru CampΔ series, and is the school attended by the girls in the story.

The school is based on a real-life former elementary & junior high school "Minobu Municipal lower junior high school" in the Tokiwa (常葉) subdivision of Minobu near Kai-Tokiwa Station.[1] It was closed in 2016 when the school districts were consolidated. The actual high school for Minobu is Yamanashi Prefectural Minobu High School (山梨県立身延高等学校) in the Umedaira subdivision (梅平) near Minobu Station.[2]

With the popularity of Yuru Camp△, the school which was closed was renamed as "Motosu High School" and turned into a Yuru Camp△ tourist site. 



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