"Mount Fuji and Curry Noodles" is the very 1st episode of the Yuru CampΔ anime series and the first episode of season one.

Plot synopsis

Rin Shima goes camping and ends up meeting Nadeshiko Kagamihara. Nadeshiko reveals that she had originally been waiting for the bus to go see Mount Fuji, but had missed all of them because she was sleeping.

They share curry noodles and enjoy the view of Mount Fuji after the clouds clear up, before Sakura Kagamihara, Nadeshiko's older sister, comes and picks her up. Nadeshiko gives Rin her number so they can stay in touch.

The episode ends with a scene in school, which both Nadeshiko and Rin attend, although neither of them knows that the other is there.


Notes & Trivia


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