"Mount Fuji and the Laid-Back Camp Girls" is the twelfth and final episode of season one of Yuru CampΔ.

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No one can wait for Rin's return from shopping. Rin returned, cleaned up the dishes and took a bath, but the night of the Christmas camp is still long! And then, spending a fun evening while making a matching hair bun after taking a bath and watching a video on a tablet. Nadeshiko and Rin, who was awake until the end, talked about the camp while looking at the stars.[1]


A glimpse into the future shows the girls now full-grown adults meeting with each other at a campsite while they wait for Nadeshiko to arrive. All of this, however, was a plausible future that Nadeshiko proposed to the group, who shoot it down. At that moment, Rin arrives back at the camp with gas.

Later, Chikuwa is returned home as he can't stand the cold and Aoi, Chiaki, and Ena then take a bath. Afterward, Rin and Nadeshiko thank Toba-sensei for being with them that Christmas, but worry about her not spending it with her boyfriend. This leads to Toba-sensei revealing the "man" that she was with the first time they meet her was really her younger sister. After this revelation, Rin, Nadeshiko, and Toba-sensei take a bath together and briefly talk about Toba-sensei and her sister sometimes go camping together. When they return to the campsite, Ena tied the other's hair into what's called a "Shima-bun". For the rest of the night, the group watches some movies together on Chiaki's tablet. Eventually, everyone gets into their sleeping bags and try to go to sleep, all except Rin and Nadeshiko, who talk about their plans for new years.

The next day at dawn, Rin wakes Nadeshiko up so she can prepare her breakfast for everyone. What Nadeshiko makes is Yamato stew and as they enjoy it, the sun rises over the horizon giving them a spectacular scene to watch. Afterward, the group pack up their things, and are given rides home by either Sakura or Toba-sensei. Rin herself rides home on her scooter.

Life returns to normal and Rin is seen working at the bookstore where she's visited by Ena. Meanwhile, the members of the Outdoor Activities Club cleaned up their tightly compact club room. Thereafter, Chiaki reveals that Ena rejected her offer to join the club, but won't give up on her just yet. That afternoon, the club members walk home together and talk about Nadeshiko still on a job hunt. At that moment, Nadeshiko gets a text from Rin who says Ena has some information for her for a job for her. Immediately, Nadeshiko accepts the job and the club members go to a vending machine to purchase some drinks to toast for Nadeshiko's new job.


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