Not to be confused with the manga Volume 7 chapter named Nadeshiko's Solo-Camping Plan...

"Nadeshiko's Solo Camp Planning" is the seventh episode of season two of Yuru CampΔ.

Synopsis from the official anime site

Nadeshiko is going on her first solo camp. After hearing about it from Rin, Chiaki and Aoi give Nadeshiko a farewell, and she sets off! Around that same time, Rin is visiting Hayakawa for sightseeing, and happens to see Sakura.[1]


Nadeshiko and Ena thank Rin for saving them at Lake Motosu (Episode 1.1) and Lake Yamanaka (Episode 2.6). They make offerings to her portable grill, using it as an offertory box. Rin then schools Nadeshiko in everything she needs to know about solo camping.

Toba-sensei reminisces about the sake which the other campers at Lake Yamanaka shared with her. Oomachi-sensei tells her that Izu is a good spot for camping, if she wants to visit their shop, and take the Outdoor Activities Club camping there.

The next weekend, Nadeshiko sets off for her first solo-camping trip. She takes the train to Fujinomiya. There she visits a Shinto Shrine, then goes for lunch at a yakisoba restaurant which her sister recommended. The chef notices, with satisfaction, the joy of eating which Nadeshiko always expresses.

Rin is also sightseeing this weekend, in the Southern Alps, using her scooter. She brings her camping gear, but without a specific campsite in mind. She begins with a visit to the village of Akasawa, where the cafe lets her use a kotatsu. She travels North, stopping to see the Giant Cedar of Yushima. Continuing North, stopping at Lake Narada, she happens to meet Nadeshiko’s sister Sakura, who is also sightseeing for the day. They end up going for tea and dessert together. Afterwards, Sakura visits the hot spring.




In anime

Rin views the Giant Cedar of Yushima

Real-life versions

Notes & Trivia

  • The insert song (starts around 9:01) for this episode is Kono Basho de. (「この場所で。」,[3] At This Place.).[4][5]
    • Performed by Eri Sasaki (佐々木 恵梨)
    • Lyrics by Asaka (亜咲花)
    • Music & arrangement by Akiyuki Tateyama (立山 秋航) & Eri Sasaki
    • The end credits list the performers as "The Indoor Activities Club" (屋内活動サークル Okunai katsudō sākuru)[3]
  • Nadeshiko is visiting Fujinomiya, which is about a 40-minute train ride South of Nanbu where she lives. [6]
  • The large torii gate in Fujinomiya is the Otori (大鳥居), at the Mt. Fuji World Heritage Center. This is a different Mt. Fuji center than the one they visited in Episode 3 of Heya Camp△, which was in Fujikawaguchiko.
  • The yakisoba shop where Nadeshiko eats is Okonomiyaki (お好み食堂 伊東)
  • Rin visits Akasawa, a village in the Southern Alps just a couple kilometers West of Mount Minobu where the outclub went for the New Year’s sunrise. [7] It is a district of the town of Hayakawa, listed as one of the most beautiful villages in Japan.[8]
  • Rin visits The Giant Cedar of Yushima. It is 164ft/50m tall, as measured from the bottom of the cliff face which it stands on, with an estimated circumference at that lower point of about 52ft/16m, of which half is buried within the cliff.[9]
  • Sakura visits the Narada Hot Spring (奈良田の里温泉 Narada no Sato Onsen)


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