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Nadeshiko Kagamihara (各務原 なでしこ) is a young girl who appears in Yuru CampΔ. She is a transfer student to Motosu High School and recently moved to Nanbu-chō (Nambu), near the southern tip of Yamanashi. She is the daughter of Shūichirō Kagamihara and Shizuka Kagamihara and the younger sister of Sakura Kagamihara. She previously lived in Hamamatsu city on the southern coast of Shizuoka prefecture.[1]


Nadeshiko is a fair-skinned teenage girl with upper-back length pink hair that she keeps in twin ponytails on the back of her neck which is held by white ruffled scrunchies and light-blue eyes.

When camping, she is seen wearing a pink plaid jacket, a light pink ruffled dress underneath, black tights, and green-and-white lace-up boots (or, alternatively, dark brown boots that are rolled down) with grey fingerless gloves and an orange scarf.

While in school, she wears the typical female uniform (seifuku, 制服).


Nadeshiko is a cheerful, energetic and often ditzy girl who comes off as easily excitable. She loves food and her appetite is huge. Her active and bubbly personality is the exact opposite of her best friend, Rin.

Nadeshiko tends to have careless, naive and sometimes even irresponsible behavior. Some examples being, sleeping and getting lost in the mountains, crashing against the walls or even falling asleep on the floor in the school library. All of this is to the annoyance of Rin. Her older sister, Sakura, sometimes has to correct or punish her because of her careless or carefree attitude.

By Season 2, Nadeshiko becomes a lot more responsible and even successfully undertakes a solo camp herself, despite the worry of Rin and Sakura. She also begins to look out for her friends in return. Chiaki Ōgaki nicknamed her "Mamashiko" after she took care of Rin when Rin was exhausted from their trip to Izu.


Nadeshiko used to be fat during her middle-school years. Then, on the summer of her third year, Sakura put her on a boot camp, making her ride laps around Lake Hamana by bike, in order to lose weight. This explains her slim figure and incredible stamina in spite of her appetite. Nadeshiko's cheeks remain stretchy despite her weight-loss; her childhood friend Ayano Toki likes to stretch them.


Nadeshiko's interest in camping is ignited after her first encounter with Rin Shima at Lake Motosu. After an exhausting bike ride from Nambu to Lake Motosu, she decided to take a nap and overslept. By the time she woke up, it had already turned dark; she caught a cold, became hungry and panicked after only just realizing she forgot to bring her phone or pocket money. After being helped by Rin and the first sight of Mt. Fuji at night, she fell in love with camping.

At the epilogue of Season 1, which takes place off-canon, Nadeshiko is seen solo camping in the same location that episode one takes place (Lake Motosu) where she serendipitously runs into Rin, after a text exchange between the two, in which she receives a picture, from Rin, of herself taking a photo of Mt. Fuji.

During Season 2, she takes on two jobs to fund her camping, especially a gas lantern that she wanted to buy. Over the winter break, she delivers New Year's cards to residents in the local area. Then, during spring term, Nadeshiko takes on a waitress role at a restaurant Sakura invited her to, which was recruiting but had yet to put up a job advertisement.

Nadeshiko is the most skilled chef in the group, thus she mostly takes charge for the group’s cooking. Her specialty is hotpot meals (Nabe), to the point she is nicknamed “Nabeshiko”.

Yuru Camp Movie[]

At the start of Season 1 Episode 12, Nadeshiko imagines herself ten years into the future in which she reunites with her high school friends on another camping trip. Her imagined future has her becoming CEO of an outdoor gear company and arriving at the designated campsite on a rocket tent. Her hair is also cut to a neck-length bob.

The movie depicts that future as a reality, of which Nadeshiko's diverges furthest from her imagination from ten years prior. Instead, she is merely an employee of the outdoor gear company that she works at, while living near the Tama bridge in Hachiōji, western Tokyo. Nadeshiko is first invited to the Takaori site by Chiaki, who sent the invitation while drunk. Nadeshiko treats Chiaki and Rin to a hotpot at her family home, after which Aoi arrives and Chiaki explains her campsite idea. Nadeshiko offers her help enthusiastically, becoming the group's forelady.

By the time of the movie, Nadeshiko is a qualified car-driver, driving a Suzuki Jimny. She also has a certificate for operating heavy machinery, which helps with the campsite regeneration effort. Nadeshiko also becomes more empathetic; she invites Rin on a journey to the highest hot springs in Japan (the Honzawa Onsen in the Yatsugatake mountain range in Nagano Prefecture) after their campsite plans were initially scrapped by the Yamanashi prefectural board. Their period of self-reflection gives them the resolve to save their campsite.



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  • Ranked 2nd in a 2021 survey of favorite Yuru CampΔ characters.[3]
  • Nadeshiko likes blankets.
  • Nadeshiko likes to be mistaken for a younger girl.
    • Although she is in high school student, she likes to be mistaken for a middle school student.
  • Nadeshiko likes to eat a lot. Because of this, among her fans she is known as the Kirby Girl, alluding to her pink hair and her great insatiable appetite.[citation needed]
  • Nadeshiko's birthday is the same as Aoi Inuyama's birthday, which is March 4.
  • Nadeshiko is nominated for Best Girl in Crunchyroll's 2018 Anime Awards.[4]

Name etymology[]

  • The name Nadeshiko literally means "caressable child," and it is used as the common name of a type of frilly pink carnation, Dianthus superbus longicalycinus. When this name follows Yamato, a traditional name of Japan itself, the phrase expresses the concept of a "personification of an idealized Japanese woman" or "the epitome of pure, feminine beauty".[citation needed]
  • Nadeshiko's surname Kagamihara means "each, every, either" (各) (kaga), "task, duties" (務) (mi) and "field, plain" (原) (hara).[citation needed]
    • It is taken from "Kakamigahara", which is another city mentioned in the show. Take note that although "Kakamigahara" is the official name of the city, it is also called Kakamihara, Kagamihara, or Kagamigahara by tradition.


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