Nadeshiko Kagamihara (各務原 なでしこ) is a young girl who appears in Yuru CampΔ as recent transfer to Motosu High School from Nanbu-chō (Nanbu town) and the younger sister of Sakura Kagamihara. She previously lived in Hamamatsu-city on the the southern coast of Shizuoka prefecture.[1]


Nadeshiko is a pale-skinned teenage girl with light-blue eyes and upper-back length pink hair that she keeps in twin ponytails on the back of her neck which is held by white ruffled scrunchies.

When camping, she is seen wearing a pink plaid jacket, a light pink ruffled dress underneath, black leggings, and green-and-white lace-up boots (or, alternatively, dark brown boots that are rolled down) with grey fingerless gloves and an orange scarf.

While in school, she wears the typical female uniform (seifuku, 制服).


Nadeshiko is a cheerful, energetic, and often ditsy girl who comes off as easily excitable. She loves food and her appetite is huge.

She likes blankets. She likes to be mistaken for a younger girl. Although she is in high school student, she likes to be mistaken for a middle school student.


Nadeshiko's interest in camping is ignited after her first encounter with Rin Shima at Lake Motosu. She was overslept after an exhausting trip from Nanbu to lake Motosu. After being helped by Rin and the first sight of Mt.Fuji at night, she fell in love with camping.

At the end of season one, in episode 12 of the series, she is seen solo camping in the same location that episode 1 takes place (Lake Motosuko) where, by coincidence, she runs into Rin after a text exchange between the two in which she receives a picture form Rin of herself taking a photo of Mt. Fuji.


  • The name Nadeshiko means "personification of an idealized Japanese woman" or "the epitome of pure, feminine beauty".[citation needed]
  • Nadeshiko's surname Kagamihara means "each" (各) (kaga), "duties" (務) (mi) and "field, plain" (原) (hara).[citation needed]
    • It is taken from "Kakamigahara", which is another city mentioned in the show. Take note that although "Kakamigahara" is the official name of the city, it is also called Kakamihara, Kagamihara, or Kagamigahara by tradition.
  • Nadeshiko likes to eat a lot. Because of this, among her fans she is known as the Kirby Girl, alluding to her pink hair and her great insatiable appetite.[citation needed]
  • She was so chubby to the point her sister has to give her "special training". The training gave her more endurance for some long rides (see ep 1 for more in-depth).
  • Nadeshiko tends to have a careless, naive, and sometimes even irresponsible behavior. Some examples being, sleeping and getting lost in the mountains, crashing against the walls or even falling asleep in the library of the school. All of this is to the annoyance of Rin. Her older sister, Sakura Kagamihara, sometimes has to correct or punish her because of her careless or carefree attitude.
  • She is the founder and president of the Secret Society BLANKET.
  • Nadeshiko once visited her grandmother's house in Hamamatsu, which is southwest of Yamanashi prefecture in Shizuoka prefecture.[1]
  • Nadeshiko's birthday is the same as Aoi Inuyama's, which is March 4.
  • Nadeshiko is nominated for Best Girl in Crunchyroll's 2018 Anime Awards.[2]



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