"New Year's Solo Camper Girl" is the second episode of season two of Yuru CampΔ.

Synopsis from the official anime site

New Year's Eve. Rin, who has arrived in Shizuoka, finishes the year at the campsite while enjoying the sea. On the other hand, Nadeshiko is busy working part-time on New Year's Day. Messages arrive from Rin and her friends where they are...[2]


Rin travels South to the coast to camp over the New Year's holiday. Stopping at a tea shop, the clerk recognizes her from when they met at the trail to Yashajin Pass. Rin goes to a Shinto shrine where she collects another doggy charm. Rin gets up before dawn to be at the beach for the first sunrise of the year. That morning, her mother calls to tell her that a heavy snowfall has blocked the roads, so she can’t return right away, and that they will pick her up in a couple days.

The Outdoor Activities Club travels with their faculty advisor to Mount Minobu and takes the gondola to the summit. They watch the first sunrise from there. Then they drive to the village of Takaori so they can watch the sunrise again over the peak of Mount Fuji, but arrive too late.




Notes & Trivia

  • Rin is camping at Ryuyokaiyo Koen Campground (竜洋海洋公園オートキャンプ場), in Iwata, Shizuoka prefecture. She gets a free site, which just means that her tent is on the open lawn where there are no designated site locations. It doesn’t mean that she is staying for free. It costs ¥3,140 to camp there overnight. [3]
  • Fukude Beach (福田海岸) where Rin watches the sunrise is about a 15 minute drive from the campground.
  • It’s about a 45 minute drive from Mount Minobu (身延山) to the observation point at Takaori (高村光太郎文学碑), not to mention the gondola ride down from Mount Minobu, so the drive to Takaori wasn’t a great idea.
  • Rin previously met the tea shop worker (wearing glasses) as a climber woman (without glasses) in Season 1 Episode 9.
  • Rin visits Mitsuke Tenjin Shrine (見付天神 矢奈比賣神社) where there is a statue in honor of the dog Shippei Taro.[4] Rin previously acquired a doggy charm in Season 1 Episode 9.
  • Rin stops at the Kimikura tea shop (きみくら本店) in Kakegawa. [5]
  • At the Mount Minobu snack bar, they make a play on words between 'skewer' (串 kushi) and 'bitter death' (苦死 kushi). When someone orders food on a skewer, they cut the skewer for good luck, as if to cut off suffering and death.
  • The Buddhist temple Kaisando (祖師堂) which they visit at the summit of Mount Minobu is affiliated with Kuonji Temple which The Outdoor Activities Club visited in Episode 6 of Heya CampΔ.[6] Kuonji Temple is there at the foot of Mount Minobu.
  • The sightseeing spot called 'Takaori'[7] is southwest of the populated part of Fujikawa village in Yamanashi. It has a parking area along the road in the mountainous area.


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