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Rin Shima (志摩 リン, Shima Rin) is a young girl in Yuru CampΔ who is a student at Motosu High School and enjoys camping, but she usually camps by herself until she meets Nadeshiko Kagamihara. She is one of the five protagonists of the series.


Rin is a fair-skinned girl with thigh-length dark-blue hair that is tied in a high bun with bangs hanging over her eyebrows, two hair strands framing her face on both sides, and purple eyes.

When camping, she wears brown boots and black leggings, a pinkish dress, and a green sweater underneath a plaid grey shawl. She usually keeps her hair in bun. Sometimes she also wears a white knit-cap and she has her hair loose. In one of the episodes, Ena Saitō tied her bun into a small teddy bear and a generic Japanese castle.

In school, she wears the typical female uniform (seifuku, 制服) and she has her hair loose.

Her height is approx. 144 cm, slightly shorter than Nadeshiko at 145 cm.[2]


Rin is depicted as having a quiet and reserved personality; preferring to camp alone. Showing somewhat of an introvert characteristics, the exact opposite of her later best friend and fellow (apprentice) solo camper, Nadeshiko. However, she is actually a very caring and friendly girl, despite can be a worry wart. Rin is wanderlust and independent, traits that she earned from her parents and especially Grandfather. Despite her being socially inept at first, she eventually grew out of it and actively enjoy her time with her friends, although she retains her love for solo activity and independence. Rin is also not awkward for showing her emotions and also prone to comedic moments thus making her actually enjoyable and helpful to have around.

Throughout Season 1, Rin is seen slowly opening up to Nadeshiko Kagamihara and the rest of the Outdoors Activities Club members. While she completely dejects the idea and showing clear discomfort of interacting with people other than Ena Saitó, she starts to become a lot more friendly and accepting towards the club. Eventually befriending the entire group, this culminates in Rin agreeing to participate in the club's end of the year camping trip.

In Season 2, Rin is already good friends with the Outdoors Activities Club, despite her and Ena are not members of the club, they often do activities together and even went camping together. This is shown as the girls already refer to each other with their first names instead of family names. Rin also cares very much about the well being of the group and even worries about them when they went camping. The club in return respect and admire her, even to the point they comically refer her as the club’s savior, after the group’s camp near Lake Yamanaka almost ended horribly.


Rin began camping around the winter of her first year in middle school when her grandpa handed her down his camping equipment. Rin has a job at a local bookstore in order to fund her own camping trips, while also volunteering at her school libary.

She's a solo camper in the first episode, but throughout the series, she seems to camp with Nadeshiko Kagamihara through the weekends whenever they invite each other out.

Out of all the protagonists she is the most experienced and has the highest camp-smarts, thus making her the best choice to ask for advice during camps.

Her camping, planning, route choosing and general knowledge of tourist spots in camping areas is on par with veteran campers, to the point that even Toba-sensei who is a veteran camper herself greatly admires and praised her camping skills.

Early in Season 1, Rin acquires a license to ride a vehicle, specifically a moped. This greatly helps her in her solo travels, as she can go anywhere she likes, freely.

Rin was an amateur cook in the early time of the series but her skill gradually increases and later she can cook as good as the other members.

She considered camping with a group at some point. [spoiler]

Rin's scooter[]

  • The scooter rode by Rin is modeled from the Yamaha Vino.
    • Yamaha announced in 2018 after the airing of the first season on the anime, they were working on a Vino in the style of Yuru CampΔ.[3]
  • Rin farthest travel record with her scooter is 450km during their Izu camping trip.

Yuru Camp Movie[]

In the movie set ten years after the events of Season 1, Rin works as an editor for a small Nagoya-based travel magazine. She had cut her hair short some time after graduating from high school. Rin also maintains contact with Nadeshiko post-graduation, but had not heard much from the others until the day Chiaki visits Nagoya and invites Rin for dinner.

Immediately after said dinner, Chiaki shows Rin a disused site in Takaori that she was tasked with regenerating. Rin half-heartedly offers help to turn it into a campsite, only to later be designated as the overseer of the camp-building effort. Rin is allowed to write about it on an online blog during her usual working hours.

Rin inherits her grandfather's motorbike by the time of the movie, although she at one stage rides her old moped again. [spoiler] In contrast, all of Nadeshiko, Chiaki, Aoi and Ena had obtained their car-driving licenses by then.

Rin likes Tsukapon biscuits, and is twice given a pack of them by her colleague Kariya.


Nadeshiko Kagamihara[]

Rin and Nadeshiko’s relationship grew from Rin saving Nadeshiko to a fellow student, solo camper apprentice and best friend, making Nadeshiko her closest friend besides Ena despite their complete opposite personalities.

Rin first encountered her near Lake Motosuko sleeping near the restroom. Later, after dark, Rin checked that area again and was startled by a crying Nadeshiko, leading to Rin running back to her camp and Nadeshiko following her. It turned out Nadeshiko overslept and found herself unable to return home and with no way to contact her family. Rin fed her some Curry Noodles after she heard her grumbling stomach.

Later Nadeshiko would cook a hot-pot as thanks. Rin felt bad afterward and apologized for declining an invitation to group camping with a disgusted face.

Ena Saitō[]

How they met and became close friends from the beginning are unknown, but it is clear that Rin and Ena are good friends from the start with Rin’s family actually quite familiar with her.

Their friendship are shown from how they've been texting to each other whenever Rin's on a trip or camping. Ena is the reason why Rin eventually agreed to go camping with others.

Ena also understands Rin the most, with sometimes both of them teasing and joking to each other. Rin also understands about Ena very well, as she knows about Chikuwa, Ena’s dislike of the cold and was quite surprised to hear that Ena started to show interest to camping in general as well as winter camping.

Ena usually does the hair bun for Rin in school.

Chiaki Ōgaki[]

Rin and Chiaki were not close in the beginning, with Rin disliking and uncomfortable with Chiaki, since Chiaki is a lot crazier than Nadeshiko. However, this one-sided discomfort later dissolved and they became good friends.

Rin owes her for an incident that happened where a sign said the road is closed, she told her to just walk around it because it wasn't needed to move it away from blocking the road. This debt was later cleared when Rin saved Chiaki, Ena, and Aoi from freezing to death while they were camping near Mount Fuji. With the three of them completely grateful to Rin.

Chiaki invited Rin for a camping trip, but got rejected immediately. However, after some thought, Rin texted her that she'll think about it.

Aoi Inuyama[]

Rin met Aoi upfront in a food store and told her good luck on the job. In Episode 11, she bought the fire logs because she owes one for them making dinner.


  • Ranked 1st in a 2021 survey of favorite Yuru CampΔ characters.[4]
  • Rin's surname Shima means "aspire, hopes, intention, motive, plan, resolve, shilling" (志) (shi) and "wear" (摩) (ma).
    • Shima is derived from Shima City located in Mie Prefecture.
  • Rin works at Takeda Bookstore.
  • Rin dislikes shellfish.
  • Rin technically never joined The Outdoor Activities Club, but she camped with them a few times.
    • She likes camping alone.
    • At the series beginning, Rin seems to be not very good at cooking as she still uses recipe manuals to learn, however as the series progress, her cooking skills seems to have improved. Thus making her even more effective as a camper.
  • Rin's birthday is on October 1, this made her zodiac sign is Libra.[1]
  • Rin’s grade for her school subject are unknown, like Ena’s. However, considering that she never got warned or called by Toba-Sensei. It is likely her grades are good.
  • Rin often use pinecones as her fire starter. She eventually use feather sticks as her fire starter because it can be easily ignite and she then said that she won't need to use any other fire starters. However, she use pinecones once again as fire starter to teach Akari on how to start a bonfire.
  • Rin's house is modeled on a real-life former restaurant located along National Route 300 in Minobu-cho. Its location in the anime is on Route 404, just west of Furuseki.[5]



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