Rin Shima (志摩 リン) is a young girl from the show Yuru Camp whom enjoys camping. She usually camps by herself, until she meets Nadeshiko Kagamihara.


Rin has purple eyes, dark-purple hair, and pale skin.

When camping, she wears brown boots and black leggings, a pinkish dress, and a green sweater underneath a plaid grey shawl. She usually keeps her hair in a bun. Sometimes she also wears a white knit-cap and has her hair loose. In one of the episodes, Ena Saitou tied her bun into a small teddy bear.

In school, she wears the typical female uniform (seifuku, 制服) and has her hair loose. She's currently wearing the Winter seifuku.



  • She works at the Takeda Bookstore.
  • Her birthday is on October 1st.
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