Rin Shima (志摩 リン) is a young girl from the show Yuru Camp whom enjoys camping. She usually camps by herself, until she meets Nadeshiko Kagamihara.


Rin has purple eyes, dark-purple hair, and pale skin.

When camping, she wears brown boots and black leggings, a pinkish dress, and a green sweater underneath a plaid grey shawl. She usually keeps her hair in a bun. Sometimes she also wears a white knit-cap and has her hair loose. In one of the episodes, Ena Saitou tied her bun into a small teddy bear.

In school, she wears the typical female uniform (seifuku, 制服) and has her hair loose.


She seems to be a quite person and likes to be herself alone when it comes to camping and not to mention has a cold attitude whenever she gets invited.


Rin started camping around the winter of her first year in middle school when her grandpa gave/handed-down the camping equipment.

She's a solo camper in the first episode, but through out the series she seems to camp with Nadeshiko Kagamihara through the weekends whenever they invite each other out.


In the episode ten, she got invited by Chiaki Oogaki but decline immediately. After some thought's she texted her telling that she might think about it.

It's her first camping ground around episode eleven which in that specific day, they celebrated Christmas alongside with their teacher/club adviser.


Nadeshiko Kagamihara - She met her in the Lake Motosuko sleeping around near the rest room. Later that night she check out if she's there after using the rest room, she turned around and saw her crying in the dark so she ran back to her tent and being followed her as well running. Later on she explained on things on what happened and couldn't get back due to dark or night. She fed her some Curry Noodles after she heard an grumbling stomach.

In return, Nadeshiko cooked an hot-pot as a thanks to her.



▪ She works at Takeda Bookstore.

  • She technically never joined The Outdoor Activities Club, but camped with them a few times.
  • Rin (凛) means "dignified, severe, cold" and her family name Shima (志摩) that has a several places in Japan.

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