Shizunashi War II (Shizunashi no Ran II, 静梨の乱II) is the ninth episode of the Heya CampΔ anime.

Plot synopsis

Chiaki, Aoi, and Nadeshiko dive into the truth behind Mt. Fuji caricatures.

They happen to meet Ena at the Nanbu Roadside Station. They would like to get tuna bowls, but don't have the money. 


Notes & Trivia

This episode's stop on the Yamanashi Kids' Stamp Rally is the Nanbu Roadside Station (道の駅なんぶ). It's a rest stop along the highway, with washrooms, a restaurant, a convenience store, and a dog run. It also functions as a community center, with a pre-schoolers' play area, a multi-purpose meeting area, and a warehouse of disaster relief supplies.

In the courtyard is a statue of a samurai of the Nanbu clan (南部氏). He is on his horse and is what the stamp rally image is based on. The facility has an exhibition room with information about the Nanbu samurai.

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