"Surprise Camping and Some Deep Thoughts" is the third episode of season two of Yuru CampΔ.

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Nadeshiko's New Year is relaxing at Grandma's house in Shizuoka. Nadeshiko was very happy with the eels from Lake Hamana after inviting Rin who was there earlier! When Grandma got hungry and got home, Ayano, a childhood friend of Nadeshiko, welcomed her.[2]


Nadeshiko is heading out to visit her grandmother in Shizuoka for the New Year's holiday. When she learns that Rin will be in the area for a couple days as well, she invites her to stay at her grandmother's place for a night. Rin drives along the coast to a new camping location in Hamamatsu, where she joins a crowd to watch the sun going down over the large torii installed in the lake. She meets Nadeshiko at the train station and they go for lunch together to eat eel, which is the local specialty. At grandmother's house, they are greeted by Nadeshiko's friend from middle school, Ayano Toki. Ayano tells stories of how Nadeshiko changed since she was younger. That night the three of them go to the observation deck at Lake Hamana together. Rin tries to explain why she likes solo camping; how it is a way to appreciate loneliness.

Inuinu Inuko-san epilogue

Inuko-san "explains" how Mount Fuji moved from Toyama Prefecture on the north coast to its current location. Nadeshiko is skeptical.




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Notes & Trivia

  • Rin, Nadeshiko, and Ayano go to Okuhamana-ko Observatory (奥浜名湖展望台) at Hosoe-okuhamanako Tenbo Park. This is the observation deck used in the promotional poster for Season 2, with the three of them looking out over Lake Hamana (浜名湖) at night. The observation deck was closed in March 2019 due to deterioration of the wood, making it unsafe.[3]
  • Rin is camping at Nagisaen Campground (渚園 キャンプ場) in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka prefecture.
  • Nadeshiko shows Rin the seagulls that congregate at Hamanako-Sakume Station.
  • Rin goes to the Shizuhana (しず花) sweets shop in Kanzanjicho where she buys strawberry shine (いちご餅 ichigo mochi) for them to have as dessert. It's a strawberry with a sweet rice coating. It's commonly made with an inner layer of sweet bean paste, and known as ichigo daifuku. The actual store calls them strawberry drops (いちごの雫, or いちごのしずく, ichigo shizuku).[4]
  • Nadeshiko buys cream-filled obanyaki (大判焼き) at Fujitaya (藤田屋), which is an obanyaki shop right across from Kiga Station. This is an odd place for her to be, since it's not a natural transfer point for her on that railway line. That train only goes by about once per hour. Obanyaki are like pancakes, and most commonly are filled with sweet bean paste, but her choice has a cream filling like vanilla custard.[5]
  • They eat at Sakume Unagi (うなぎ さくめ), an eel (unagi) restaurant near Hamanako-Sakume Station. Lake Hamana and the adjoining city of Hamamatsu are known for their eel fishery.
  • They eat eel pie, a pastry which has a small amount of eel extract in the dough.[6]
  • It's about 65 km to bike the full loop around Lake Hamana.
  • Nadeshiko's grandmother has a kotatsu. It's a low table with a blanket around it and a heater built into the tabletop to keep it warm underneath. It's handy for staying warm in a home that doesn't have central heating. When Ayano greets Nadeshiko, she comes crawling across the floor into the hallway, since she has been sitting with her legs under the kotatsu.
  • Nadeshiko, Rin, and Ayano play The Game of Life at the kotatsu.


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