The Mystery of Canned Tuna (Tsunakan no Nazo, ツナ缶のなぞ) is the title of the first episode of the Heya CampΔ anime, directed by Masato Jinbo. Heya CampΔ is a spin-off from Yuru CampΔ.

Plot Synopsis

At the Outdoor Activities Club, Nadeshiko uses her phone to photograph a pinecone. The scent reminds her of camping.

Walking outside, Chiaki comments on how cold it is, Aoi encourages her to be strong.

Coming across cans of Tuna, Nadeshiko wonders maybe they are not for eating. She is then startled by a large boar entering the room and greeting her by speaking "hello."

Hearing a noise, Nadeshiko opens a can as Chiaki and Aoi enter.

Looking at images on her phone, they discuss houtou and the Yamanashi Kids' Stamp Rally.


Notes & Trivia

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